Our Approach

How we Work

We work with groups within organisations, including managers, directors and all levels across your business. This brings out the best in people and helps them to perform at their optimum.

We work with groups of up to 12. We find that the power is in the group through shared experience, communication and active listening.


Emma leads our coaching sessions. She focuses on different themes. One of these might be looking at balance in life and work, and the challenges associated with this.

The group will explore different areas they want to work on, examine where they are now, what the barriers are to achieving their goals, and how to remove those barriers.

By working and talking together, the group creates actions that each individual can take to make the change they need to achieve their aspirations.

Creative Writing for Wellbeing and Resilience

Atlanta leads our creative writing sessions, using objects, images or narratives to stimulate the creative process to promote thought and discussion.

Participants work individually or in pairs to produce a piece of writing. Group poems, shared voices and even the organisation’s core values, mission, vision or motto can be up for discussion.

The simple act of connecting pen to paper and interacting with a group offers a powerful and empowering experience that participants take back with them into their work and homelife.


This session highlights the connection between the gut and the mind, and how patterns of eating can have an adverse or beneficial effect on mental wellbeing.

We will focus on the benefits of adapting eating habits to meet the needs of mental wellbeing. Our nutritionists will give advice on how, what and when to eat, as well as information on how the gut impacts our brains. 


Our yoga sessions are designed to help promote both physical and mental wellbeing, by exploring the connection between mind and body.

Far more than just about exercise, our yoga is all about giving participants the space to explore their bodies and their minds, how they are interconnected and how the wellbeing of one impacts on the other.


Our meditation sessions are designed to help improve focus and mental clarity. Meditation benefits individuals by reducing and eliminating stress, enhancing self awareness and cultivating more creative problem solving in the work environment.

Your Space

Here, we explore the work environment and its impact on employees’ wellbeing. Equally, we will touch on working at home and remotely, and how the environment here has an impact.

We’ll examine ways to make adjustments to the environment to make it a less stressful and therefore more productive place to work. The simple addition of plants and colours may be all it takes to make a difference to your employees’ mental wellbeing. 


Care Guidelines

All our work is carried out with strict CARE guidelines:


Throughout our programmes, there is always an opportunity for individuals to talk privately to one of our coaches or counsellors at any stage, should any issues or sensitivities arise.

If you would like to learn more about how Emma, Atlanta and the team can help you look after your employees’ wellbeing through our empowerment programmes